AGM 2020 Minutes - Squash Wales

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AGM 2020 Minutes


PB                                 Phil Brailey                        Chairman

RB                                 Richard Bennett                Vice Chair

MW                               Roy Gingell                        Operations Manager

EJ                                 Elizabeth Johnstone          Finance Manager

DE                                 David Evans                      Performance Director 

GT                                 Greg Tippings                   National Junior Coach

JO                                 Julian Owen                       SQW Board Member

SB                                Sally Barker                       SQW Board Member

JJ                                 Jessica Jarrold                    SQW Board Member

DM                                Dave Mason                      SQW Board Member

JM                                 Jamie McAnsh                  SQW Board Member

PS                                 Peter Sturgess                   Gwent 

NE                                 Nick Edwards                   Gwent 

MH                                Mike Howe                        West Glam  

SD                                 Sally Davis                          Mid Glam


  1. Cathryn Shearer (Sport Wales), Richard Ford (South Glam),Paul Thomas (Mid-Glam),Dave Gobey (Mid-Glam)

Minutes from previous meeting:

  1. The minutes from the previous meeting had been circulated prior to this meeting. There were no matters arising and the minutes were unanimously approved. Proposed by Nick Edwards, seconded by Dave Mason                        

Annual Report:

  1. The Annual Report had been circulated prior to the meeting and contained reports from the Operations Manager, Performance Director and National Junior Coach. There were no matters arising and the reports were unanimously approved. Proposed by Jamie McAnsh and seconded by Mike Howe                        
  • Finance Report:
  1. A financial presentation was delivered by Elizabeth Johnstone, followed by the previously circulated set of accounts for year 2019/2020. There were no matters arising and the accounts were unanimously approved. Proposed by Jamie McAnsh and seconded by Dave Mason

Squash Wales Affiliation Fees:

  1. PB advised the members that Squash Wales, in accordance with their new strategy, had developed a new affiliation model. This would be presented to the Counties for their buy in post the AGM. One of the elements of this model includes the decision to not charge any affiliation fees for Squash Wales until April 2021. 

The Board will be reaching out to County executives to present the new proposal in the coming weeks. Upon completion of this process, the new model will be presented to the membership.

Board Membership:

  1. RB presented a new initiative to include player representation on the Board of Directors. There will be a Junior (Under 20) member, and a Senior member representative. They will be appointed by the Board from proposals submitted by clubs or Counties. 

The post will be ex-officio and no voting rights, but they will be expected to contribute to discussions on all Board matters.

Clubs and Counties are requested to submit applications to Squash Wales in the first instance to

  1. AS PB was required to stand down from the post of Chair in accordance with the Squash Wales Articles of Association, the proposal from the Board of Directors was that Richard Bennett be appointed as Chair, and Phil Brailey be appointed as Governance Director. 

This was unanimously approved. Proposed by Dave Mason and seconded by Mike Howe


  1. RB thanked PB for his 15 years of service as Chair of the Governing Body, recognising the NGB is in such a good place today due to his influence whilst in the role.

Date of Next Meeting:

  1. The general consensus of the meeting that we should hold the next AGM in a virtual format, on an evening, not a weekend. The Board will propose a suitable time and date for the next AGM in virtual format.

 Meeting Close:

  1. The chair closed the meeting at 12:43 and thanked all attendees for their participation

There being no further business, Phil Brailey called the meeting to an end at 12.52pm and thanked everyone for attending

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